Responsible & Technical 4WD Club

Welcome to Responsible and Technical 4WD Club | Sydney

Responsible & Technical 4x4 Club Sydney believes that technically challenging tracks can be driven in an environmentally responsible manner. Driving responsibly includes the attitude and manner of driving, along with a vehicle that is built for the track that is being driven. Further, our members will support track clean up to preserve the environment. Where the need arises, we support controlled access to specific tracks to preserve these tracks for many years to come.
To learn more about Technical and Responsible four-wheel driving, please view the About page or view our gallery which will link to the AllOffroad YouTube channel. Although not all trips are recorded, there are many examples of how the great outdoors can be enjoyed responsibly.

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Responsible & Technical 4WD Club is a Member of the 4WD NSW & ACT Inc which works for access to public and private lands for responsible 4WD / AWD touring and camping on behalf of its member clubs.
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